André Barnes
Software Consultant

Are you a sales professional with a great idea for a tech startup?

You’re probably wondering:
- How much will this cost me?
- Where should I start?
- How do I find a partner/co-founder?
- How do I not give up my equity?
- How do I bring my vision to reality?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your idea out of your head and down on paper to share with programmers, partners, investors, etc WITHOUT giving up valuable equity so early in the process? I have a track record of helping sales professionals turn their tech startup dreams into reality. Curious to see if we’d be a good fit to work together, let's chat!

Check out the value...

Andre is the best type of Full Stack engineer and one of the most capable individuals I have ever met. He excels at asking the right questions to get at the heart of the development need. Excellent under pressure. Capable of leading and supporting others while over-delivering on his own tasks. Highly experienced, Team-focused and solution-oriented. Greatly recommend for any consultation and development needs.

Andrew Lininger

Working with André is refreshingly easy and extremely valuable to anyone with too many great ideas needing developed. Having plenty of vision was not our issue; how to make that a reality from a technical standpoint without incurring loads of debt (financial and technical) was. That’s where André really came through for us! His ability to ask the right questions regarding our vision followed by his recommendations (which made total sense) really put us at ease and I would highly recommend you start here before jumping into development.

Michael McLaughlin

Here's how I can Help

CTO Advisory Retainer - A technical partner, this is for you if you:
- don't have the money for a top tier programmer
- need product planning, product development, app or team oversight
- have an existing app that is outdated or abandoned by other programmers or agency's

Quickstart Launch - Full app build, this is for you if you:
- are convinced your idea will succeed, have customers ready to sign up
- have a blueprint, reference material or even cobbled together excel spreadsheets that explains your idea
- are ready to have your application built

Quickstart Blueprint - A three-week design consultation, this is for you if you:
- have a good grasp on what you want and the business outcomes your looking for
- have no idea how much it will cost you
- are looking for specific steps and documents to have your application built

Quickstart Feasibility - 60-minute feasibility session, this is for you if you:
- have an idea but need to talk technical strategy
- are not sure if you have a bright idea or a business opportunity
- want to talk with a seasoned technology expert 1-on-1

I've had the opportunity to work with Andre over the last several years. He's been instrumental in transforming my idea into a business. Andre takes the time to understand the problem you're trying to solve, iterate and create value-added software. I would recommend Andre to anybody serious about building a software-based business.

Kevin Miles

André understands the impact of comparative value. He helps Business Owners make technology decisions based on accurate information and applicable scenarios.

Roger Elliott

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